Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Meteorologists across the country are full of dire forecasts today. "Monster Storm", is heading, they say, for portions of at least eight states. Locally, the forecast has been for eventual freezing rain and icy roads. Does this have me down? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Today is February 1. In my mind, there is light at the end of the winter tunnel because we today is 1 February. Today I have  hope that spring will come. And I have this hope regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil has to say tomorrow. 

Perhaps the naysayers in Pittsburgh would declare that you can't really be sure of spring locally until late April. It's true that there have been years when actual warm weather hasn't arrived on the three rivers until well past February. It's true that we have had a "Snowmageddon" in February and a blizzard in March here in western Pennsylvania. None of that matters in my little world! All that matters to me is that January is over!

I dislike the month of January. There, I said it. It's long. It's cold. It follows Christmas and offers none of the lights, festivities or hope that I feel in December, therefore making it feel darker. January is a crappy month. For the second year in a row that we are missing our traditional February beach vacation. That was one of the reasons I thought I loved February. Turns out, I love February for reasons other than the annual trip to our favorite North Carolina beach in the winter.

Welcome, February!  I love you!  You are short. You usher in March. You provide the realization that the days are indeed becoming longer. The second half of the hockey season begins. You used to be the beginning of my football free time, but unfortunately the NFL changed that. No matter. Eventually, in early February, football will come to an end! Thank you for that, February! What other month offers the celebration of love AND chocolate? I love typing "February"; I love the word. In February we celebrate our wedding anniversary. My birthday comes toward the end of the month. And in between those dates, is Valentine's Day. For a month with a scant 28 days, there are many celebratory events. I like that. So, again I say, "Welcome February! So glad you're here!"