Monday, October 26, 2009

In the midst of

Apparently I'm going to have to keep a tablet & pencil at my bedside if I plan to have anything to write about. Last night while falling sleep, I had several paragraphs going on in my head about several things. Unfortunate for me, my short term memory being what it is, I no longer even remember the topics, let alone the details. In addition to the memory issues, I'm feeling a bit strange. Not sick, exactly, but a little shaky. The feeling reminds me of times in my wayward youth when I partied a little too heartily and spent the next day with the shakes and a foul stomach. No stomach problems today, just this shadow of lethargy and shaking hands. In spite of that, life is moving along . Spoke with Grace this morning to see how Nicky was feeling. He had been sick and fevered on Friday. He's much better today and the opinion of the doctor is that he had a mild case of swine flu. I am grateful that he's better and doubly thankful that it was a mild case. For those who don't know, Grace is the woman whose children I will be watching when she returns to work from maternity leave. Nicky is a 2 1/2 years old charmer, who know has a sister, Annamaria. I have been caring for Nicky since he was 6 months old. Nicky...I had no idea when I started watching him that I would fall full on in love with him! Who knew it was possible to love some other person's child so much? I've cared for other children throughout my adult life and I have loved many of them. But there is something very special about Nicky. He brings a smile to my face, regardless of my circumstances. He's brilliant. He loves music and singing. He has the annoying habit of screaming, actually screeching, which we pray he outgrows soon. (I don't want you to think he's perfect.) There are no words to describe how much he means to me. There are no words to explain the joy he brings into my life. When he wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a hug, or tells me he loves me, there is only gratitude that he and I get to share a portion of our lives.

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