Saturday, May 8, 2010


No, not the theory of, something so much more random.  I was awakened at 6 AM by the wind whipping through our bedroom window.  Thinking that this was the start of the cold blustery weather promised by local meteorologists, I hauled myself out of bed and made the rounds through the house, closing open windows and turning off fans.  At one window, I leaned out into the weather and thought that the breeze wasn't too cold, yet.  I even briefly, (very, very briefly) considered that it might be the perfect time to take Greyla for a walk. But, the thought that struck me and caused the title of this ramble, was that if I were in Corolla, NC, I wold think that this weather was perfect for walking on the beach, or spotting the wild horses. 

The temperature was about 60F, and the winds were gusting fiercely at times. My perfect beach walking weather!  The same conditions occur here in Pittsburgh and I feel the need to close myself inside.  What peculiarity in my constitution makes me think that the exact same weather conditions are perfect if I'm nearer to the ocean and 530 miles south? 

Makes me think of the bumper stickers that read: "A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work".  A bad weather day is better in NC than in PA!  But, in NC, I don't even think of it as bad weather!  Then why oh why am I still here in PA? 

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  1. Hmmm a most interesting observation... Everything is relative, isn't it?

    A 5C day in January here = bliss and happiness, but 5 months later the same weather is hell!

    Stay warm and snuggled inside if there's no beach, I say ;-)