Monday, July 11, 2011

Yesterday, THE Day!

Yesterday was THE DAY! We drove out to Akron to pick up our new motorhome!

In the time since we signed all the paperwork, my anxiety level has been constantly rising. So much so that I was having constant tension headaches. One of my biggest concerns before actually picking up the RV was if I could possibly drive 30 feet of Class C machinery safely. The never-ending headache was the result. The excellent news is that the headache is gone! I'm not sure of the actual timing of when the tension lifted, but somewhere on the road between Akron and Pittsburgh, I became aware that I no longer had pain just below the mastoid bones and at the junction of my skull and neck.

"We" includes Raymond, my brother Vinny, our dog Greyla and me. The reason Vinny was along was to drive our Mazda back, following me in order to critique my motorhome driving. Greyla was along because R wanted her there.

The RV is now in our back yard. Mostly. We still have some details to work out so that we can get it all the way into the yard and close the gate. That we'll work on when R gets home from work today.

There are many more details of this pick up story to be told, but first I need to come to grips with the reality of the fact that we are indeed RV owners and I think I can drive this baby!


  1. Yey! Now you can drive anything!

  2. Thanks, Prin, you are such a good cheerleader!

    I don't know about "anything" but I think I'll be OK with The Chateau : )

  3. Good for you!! You'll be feeling like a pro in no time! Happy to hear it's 'home.' :-)

  4. I'll bet you look great behind the wheel of your future home-on-the-road :-D

    Will Raymond be driving it at all or is it all just you?

    Brave woman, you. I'd have driven off the road twice and run over six children and three cars on the way home.