Sunday, May 19, 2013

Greyla, the Rest of the Story

Amazingly, Greyla, our splenectomy survivor, turned 14 years old on May 2!

When last I blogged, she was 2 days post op, at VCA Northview, where she went via our little car, on a borrowed stretcher, for the doggie equivalent of post op intensive care. 

That was on April 24. We had gone to visit her around 11 AM. While she seemed to be improving, she still was refusing food at the hospital. We spoke with Dr. Sisk around 1PM, and he assured us that he would have no problem sending her home that afternoon, since he was of the opinion that she would relax more at home and possibly be more interested in food, as well. 

We knew we weren't completely out of the woods. We had been warned about all possible post surgical complications. But, she had survived! Now, if we could just get her to eat…

We left Northview to see if the local Petco had a ramp in stock. They did. We ran a few errands and around 3:30, returned to get Greyla, her assorted post surgical medications and instructions and then, return to Mountain Top Campground. 

We spoke with our regular Vet, Dr Bennett, early Thursday,the 25th, to fill him in on everything. I explained that my concern was getting nutrition into her. I had cooked some chicken breasts, which she refused. Same with beef, and even fast food. He suggested that we come and get some A/D dog food, which we could mix with water and syringe into her mouth. So, late Thursday the 25th, I picked up some A/D, as well as a Philly Cheesesteak from Sonic, plain, no onions.

Both the A/D and the cheesesteak were a hit! We began feeding small amounts, several times daily. Mostly we used the cheesesteak to disguise her pills.

Then early on Thursday  evening, the 25th, Dr Bennett called while I was on the phone with my brother. Since I have not yet figured out how to answer the cell phone while conducting a conversation, I simply hung up on my brother, saw that the incoming number was AllPet, and returned the call.

Dr Bennett asked if I had heard his voicemail, but, of course, I had not. While he was as happy as we were that Greyla was warming to the idea of eating, his message was even more astounding! The histopathology report on Greyla's mass had come in. There was NO SIGN of ANY NEOPLASIA!!!!!! NO CANCER!!!!! All I could say, was, "Thank You, Jesus!" Dr Bennett was happy at the results, but was himself, amazed. My friend Princess told me that she believed God granted us this miracle because He knew I couldn't handle anymore on my emotional plate. 

I'm not sure what I believe at this point. I just know that I am grateful to still have our girl and grateful that she has no cancer to deal with at this point. 

Now, nearly four weeks after her surgery, she seems recovered. Her staples came out on her birthday, May 2. She has her appetite back, along with a strange, new craving for bread. She seems pretty much back to her old self. She is back to being Greyla, my "Stink", my "Schmoo", my "Sweet baby girl", and Raymond's, "Grey", his "Kiddo". She goes on multiple short walks each day, sniffing each step along the way, she wakes Raymond each morning at 5:45, she greets me at the side of the bed when I finally awaken around 7, she looks at her empty dish each morning when I rise, she squeezes her way onto the sofa with Raymond. All the things we would miss if she were gone, but she's NOT! 

Raymond has declared that Greyla should be up for an award for "Come Back Dog of the Year"!  I am grateful.

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