Monday, July 1, 2013


2013 July 1

As we age, you might think birthdays would be more special. At this point in our lives, though, we seem to take them for granted. They seem mundane; just another day. Perhaps we have become jaded. Or perhaps we simply don't want to be reminded of how long we've been around. Maybe we've simply become more low key, secure in ourselves, not needing the affirmations of others. I'm not sure into which category R and I might insert ourselves at this point.

Today is my husband's birthday. We do not normally make a big deal of the event. Happy Birthdays are said. Perhaps ones favorite food is made or ordered from a local restaurant. Raymond doesn't eat sweets, so there is never a cake on his day. But, in general, we are lackadaisical about birthdays.

But, this year, his birthday seems as if it should be more. Perhaps it results from having had so many changes in plans over the past four - five months. Perhaps it is because I feel like I "owe" him because he has been so patient in the midst of my Dad's illness. Perhaps, (and I think this might be the real reason,) it has a lot to do with having met our next door neighbors here at Indian Brave Campground. 

Meeting H & W, and now, watching them as they face H's terminal condition, gives birthdays new significance. If you read my post about them, you know that H (husband) and W (wife) are a sweet, quirky, lovable couple we met when they pulled into the space next to ours, back in May. They have recently been told that H's liver is shot. Without a transplant, he is facing a decidedly shortened life, barring a miracle. On his last birthday, did he suspect that it might be one of his last? Did W, who is eighteen years older than her partner, and dealing with severe health issues of her own, think that she would face the possibility of birthdays without her H?
I doubt it, on either question.

Too often we go along, just as R and I have, expecting that there will be another day, week, month, year, birthday. But, none of those are promised to us. So, let's celebrate while we can! Each day is a gift. Each birthday, a milestone to be celebrated! And, it's OK if you celebrate in a low key manner. Just remember to celebrate! And remember to be grateful!

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