Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our First Camping Adventure, Part 3

2011 August 13

We had a little disappointment on Friday evening. Raymond was hoping, actually, planning, to watch the Steeler preseason game against the Redskins. He couldn't get the TV in the motor home to work. No matter what he tried. He read and reread the TV manual and the Thor manual, but couldn't get any reception. He played with the antenna. He pressed buttons on the remote. Then he pressed buttons on the TV. He tried one thing and then another. Still, no reception. The campground supposedly had access to several channels. The TV supposedly has a built in converter, so a digital converter box isn't necessary.

At first, I felt really bad for him. I mean, it was the first preseason game and he really DID want to see it. TV was very low on my list of priorities. In fact, television hadn't even made it onto my list at all. But I understood Raymond's frustration, if it had been hockey season I would've been in his shoes.

In spite of his frustration, Raymond would not ask any of our neighbors or the camp hosts for assistance. When I suggested it, he insisted that this was a problem he needed to figure out for himself. So, he continued to read manuals and press a variety of buttons throughout Friday night . When I got up on Saturday morning, he was at it again. Determination alone, however, was not sufficient to get TV reception.

By the time we left the campground on Sunday, Raymond was was no closer to TV programing. And I was feeling less sympathetic. In fact, I was wondering why he didn't find it as ironic as I did, that he had spent so much time trying to resolve the issue of TV reception when we had a beautiful nearly full moon and had hoped for a glimpse of the Perseid meteor shower.

I'm thinking it's a guy thing. But I guess we'll find out when the Pens hit the ice.


  1. I confess, as a lifelong tent camper (and only more recently a glorified tent - aka vintage trailer sans plumbing - camper) I've wondered why people would bring a television along to ANY camp setting. If I want to watch TV...well....wait...we haven't had cable in 11 years and don't get much in the way of TV these days anyhow. We head to the pub for important games - far more fun and social way to watch a game. ;)

  2. JenPB, I totally understand what you're saying. TV was not high on my list of priorities, but the DH was bordering on obsessive about it.
    I remember times many years ago when we made fun of people in RVs who used AC & had TVs on. Of course, we were tenters then and 35 years younger than now :)
    I do think things change when you start thinking about fulltiming, too. We opted for a TV, but not a washer/dryer, go figure!